Benefits alert

The Church Pension Group has announced that all Aetna health plans will be discontinued as part of their health insurance plan offerings effective 1-1-2017.

As a result, the Diocese of Southern Ohio will not be offering the following plans in 2017:

  • Aetna Select EPO
  • Aetna HMO
  • Preventative Dental Plan*

*This plan will no longer be offered by the diocese.

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  • What to do

    All health insurance plans and rates for 2017 will be posted on the diocesan website by September 23, 2016 prior to open enrollment. Once the 2017 health insurance plans and rates are posted you may make/submit a new plan selection. You do not have to wait for the designated open enrollment period to make a new plan selection. Any selections made during this time period including open enrollment will not become effective until 1-1-2017.

    If a plan selection is not made by 12/15/2016 and you are currently enrolled in an Aetna plan, you and any dependents, will be enrolled in the default health insurance plan selected by the diocese: HSa High Deductible. The default plan for dental coverage will be the Basic Dental Plan.

  • Questions?

    Please contact Angela Byrd or David Robinson in the diocesan Finance Office at 800.582.1712.