Affirmative Aging

The mission of the Affirmative Aging Commission is to act as a resource for training, consultation and education on issues of positive aging and spirituality throughout the life cycle. The commission responds to the needs of congregations and deaneries for programs concerning issues of aging and end-of-life. They also sponsor the Society of St.Simeon and St. Anna and hold a yearly meeting of Commission and Society members to induct new members into the Society.

Contact the chairs: Randy Young and The Rev. Nancy Hardin


Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna

The Commission on Affirmative Aging of the Diocese of Southern Ohio sponsors the Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna which celebrates exemplary Christian ministry. The purpose is to recognize, honor, and celebrate the wisdom, experience, maturity, and achievements of older persons (60 and older) in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

  • At least 15 years as Episcopalians
  • Lay or clergy
  • Faithfully ministered in family, community, church, nation, or world
  • Publicly acknowledge a positive image of the contributions of aging persons

Like St. Simeon, they offer us the consolation of God through difficult times or when we begin to doubt.
Like St. Anna, they inspire us to believe in a liberation that is always fresh and alive with new hope and new energy.

Criteria for Nomination

  • Living examples of Christian witness, compassionate lives of faithfulness to the gospel of Christ Jesus; the hope of the gospel for all persons in the diocese
  • Outstanding service to the church
  • Living community of prayer
  • Model for Christian living
  • Look to society for images of life that are lived in imitation of Christ Duties
  • Pray for bishops and diocese
  • Advise bishops, Affirmative Aging Commission or others when asked
  • Encourage local parish/mission and other individuals to actively seek knowledge and understanding of the realities of aging
  • Continue to present a positive image of aging
  • Share wisdom as all seek to grow in the stature of Christ

Nomination to the Society

Any congregation in the diocese is encouraged to nominate one individual or couple, but congregations who have presented nominees in the past two years should not forward any nominees this year in order to assure that nominees cover a diverse geographic area.

The date for the 2017 induction and luncheon is Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Nomination forms are currently being accepted.

Nominations may be made online by clicking here or by downloading a nomination form below. Nomination forms may be sent via email to the Rev. Nancy Hardin at, or Randy Young at, or may also be mailed to Ann Sabo c/o Diocese of Southern Ohio, 412 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati OH 45202.