Ministry Priorities

1. Healthy Congregations

Become vibrant, healthy centers of Christian spirituality, faith, and practice based on the hallmarks of health.
Pray our common prayer

 2. New Relationships

Discover and nurture relationships with seekers and people in transition using engaging venues and communication to share the Gospel.
Proclaim our common faith

3. Formation

Intentional lifelong Christian Formation: Nurture, equip & develop leaders of all ages so that every Episcopal community in this diocese has opportunity for life-long formation
Know the common story

4. Mission

Empower the people of God to be agents of transformation, both in actions and policies consistent with works of mercy and social justice, and informed by the Gospel.
Drink the common cup

5. Stewardship of resources

Make finances transparent and use the resources of the diocese to maximize efficient and effective administration and operations.
Serve the common good