Easter Video

Questions or concerns?  Please contact us!

Videotaping your Easter message

All videos must be received by April 1.
  1. Filming on a smartphone is fine.
  2. Don’t add any “text” to the video. If you have a suggested caption, please send it to us, and we will edit it in.
  3. Send us only the “raw” unedited file that you shot. We will do any editing. (This includes no filters.)
  4. Keep it short. Just a quick Easter greeting will do. Remember, if 72 churches send in even a one minute video, we will end up with a 72-minute video. (That would make for a very long Easter service.)
  5. Depending on how many videos we get, we may have to edit them all down to a montage. Be succinct, so we have good sound bites to grab hold of.
  6. Email video to: communication@nulldiosohio.org. Include congregation name and the name of anyone in the video.
  7. If you are using a smartphone, shoot horizontally (landscape) and not vertically (portrait).