The Diocese of Southern Ohio has been evolving its budget process to be in line with the Ministry Priorities, which were developed with the involvement of hundreds of people in the diocese. The Budget Committee now requests your input in the process of allocating our financial resources for 2017. A budget request questionnaire has been developed to evaluate budget requests in line with the ministry priorities.

The consolidated budget is funded primarily with mission share dollars. Other sources of funding come from the William Cooper Procter Fund and other restricted funds. All budget requests whether mission share funded, Procter funded or other funding will need to follow this process and submit a budget request form.

First, please review your ministry through the lens of the common ministry statement and ministry priorities. Then outline in the application the financial resources you will need in 2017. Consider how your ministry could change over time and the best way to focus resources to meet diocesan needs and the needs of others. Be open to the possibility that there may be better ways to pursue a ministry or that it may be better pursued by others. Our goal is to be faithful stewards of our resources. At times, this may mean a decision to not continue existing programs that are not aligned with the ministry priorities.

The Budget Request Questionnaire can be downloaded from the Budget Resources link below to assist you in the budgeting process. Please send your diocesan budget request to: The Diocese of Southern Ohio, ATTN: Budget Committee, 412 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, or email to the diocesan finance officer, David B. Robinson, at DRobinson@nullDiosohio.org.