Grants & Loans

  • 412 Sycamore, Inc. loans

    Before applying to the 412 Sycamore, Inc. Trustees for a mortgage, the congregation must have the approval of the Diocesan Standing Committee for an encumbrance on their church property.
    (1) Once the Church has received the Standing Committee’s approval for an encumbrance, the application is submitted to the Diocesan Financial Officer. The Diocesan Financial Officer is also Corporate Secretary for 412 Sycamore, Inc. The Financial Officer, usually, automatically submits the request to the Trustees of 412 Sycamore, Inc. once the Standing Committee has approved. Most of the documents required have already been given to the Financial Officer, when the congregation requested the encumbrance from the Standing Committee. Some paperwork might need to be updated or more recent financial statements might be required.
    (2) The approval or disapproval of the mortgage by the Trustees of 412 Sycamore, Inc. will be communicated to the congregation by the Financial Officer.
    (3) The law firm of Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur in Columbus will prepare the necessary legal documents including the title opinion, Promissory Note and Mortgage Deed. The Note and Mortgage will then be sent to the congregation for execution and return. The Senior Warden and Junior Warden are responsible for signing the note and loan documents. The congregation should also furnish a copy of its fire and extended coverage insurance policy with “loss payable” endorsement naming 412 Sycamore, Inc. as mortgagee to the Financial Officer. The amount of the insurance coverage should not be less than the amount of the loan.
    (4) Upon receipt of the executed documents, the Financial Officer is authorized to release the loan proceeds to the congregation. All legal fees are the responsibility of the church.
    (5) The Finance Department at the Diocese will set up the monthly invoicing of the loan. Mortgage payments are due monthly, normally the first of the month.
    (6) In the event of a parochial housing loan, the 412 Sycamore, Inc. loan is to the church, with the mortgage recorded on the church property. The church is responsible and required to lend the proceeds to the minister, and duly secure and record a mortgage on the priest’s house. Proof of the legal documents securing the church’s loan is required before release of diocesan money.

  • Campus Ministry Grants

    Funds are available to help support campus ministry initiatives in the diocese. Please complete the grant application form (link below) and email it to the Rev. Deborah Woolsey at no later than June 21, 2019. Note that recipients of the Campus Ministry Grants are required to participate in the Campus Ministry Collaborative.

    Campus Ministry Program Year Grant

  • Church Foundation

    This elected body of the diocese awards grants primarily for one-time capital projects and/or emergency assistance for facility improvements.

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  • Clergy Continuing Formation (Professional Development)

    It is expected that clergy serving full-time in congregations or other communities of faith be granted two weeks leave (separate from vacation leave) for professional development. The cost of continuing education courses and programs usually are divided between the clergyperson, the congregation or other community of faith he or she serves, and the diocese.

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  • Commission on Congregational Life

    Commission on Congregational Life

    The Commission on Congregational Life is responsible for developing and implementing a mission strategy for the diocese. The commission is charged with encouraging, supporting, evaluating and seeking opportunities for development and growth of all fellowships, missions and parishes of the diocese.

    CoCL offers Congregational Mission Grants (CMG) and New Initiative grants to congregations for this purpose.Please send all documents back electronically.

    Questions may be directed to Cathy Bagot at or
    the Rev. Alexander Martin at

    Continue to the CoCL site for grant applications


  • Episcopal Community Services Foundation

    The Episcopal Community Services Foundation awards grants to congregations and affiliated ministries in addressing the issues of poverty.

    Episcopal congregations, teams, task forces or commissions of the diocese are encouraged to apply for grants to support and create opportunities for ministries and programs that meet human need within the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

    The deadline for grants submission is September 15.

    To see ECSF’s funding criteria, grant application instructions and to download a copy of the grant application visit, or email the Rev. Terri J. Thornton, Interim Ministry Leader at

  • Faith in Life

    Faith-in-Life was established as a commission of the diocese to administer an endowment fund set up as a result of the Second Century Campaign of the Diocese of Southern Ohio in 1974. The income of the trust has funded many programs and projects through the oversight of the Faith-in-Life commission.

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  • Sustainable Development Grants

    The 141st Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio passed a resolution to support the new Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 by the United Nations.  The diocese will continue designating .07% of our mission share budget for annual grants to organizations and groups that are affiliated with The Episcopal Church or are working in partnership with a parish, organization or individual in the Diocese of Southern Ohio that is involved in mission that support the SDG’s and has been granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service.

    Grant Application Form (Word)


  • William Cooper Procter Fund

    Through a trust fund established by William Cooper Procter, the Diocese of Southern Ohio has a unique opportunity to reach out in areas of special ministry, providing “…support for innovative activities which go beyond the day to day operations of the church.” The Procter Fund earningsare allocated annually by the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese, subject to program evaluation, in four distinct areas of activity following the four criteria as determined by the terms of the bequest.

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The Diocese of Southern Ohio offers scholarship assistance to women and minority students who qualify under certain guidelines.

  • ECW Book of Remembrance Memorial Scholarship Fund

    The Book of Remembrance Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for lay and ordained women of the diocese to do graduate study in areas related to church work, special ministries, and helping professions. Funds are also available for short-term non-degree training in workshops, special seminars, and skills training, in church related or social service fields.

    The Book of Remembrance, started in 1926 by women of the Diocese, is a listing by parish of deceased women whose congregations want to honor their memory. The request for entry of a name can be submitted by a congregation, ECW, or individual, along with a donation of at least $15.00.

    Donations are added to a Trust Fund which provides scholarships for women of the diocese to do graduate study in areas related to church work, special ministries, and helping professions. Funds are also available for short-term non-degree training in workshops, special seminars, and skills training, in church related or social service fields.

    Every parish benefits from the work of women who serve God and church without thought of reward. We hope that your congregation or ECW will support the Book of Remembrance Memorial Scholarship Fund and honor the memory of cherished deceased women of your congregation by submitting their names for inclusion in the Book of Remembrance. The names of women added to the Book by August 31 are read during the celebration of the Eucharist at the annual ECW conference held each Fall, at which time the Book is placed on display.

    Checks should be payable to Book of Remembrance.

    Scholarship applications should be requested in time to submit them by March 1. Applications for assistance for short-term training can be submitted at any time.

    To get a scholarship application or to submit a name for the Book of Remembrance, please contact:
    Amy Baird
    2904 Flemming Rd., Middletown OH 45042

  • Lawrence Home Association

    The Lawrence Home Association, founded in 1896 under the will of philanthropist Eleanor Earnshaw, was started to “provide a Christian home for self-supporting, young women on limited means, the most important aim being to help them elevate their standard of life.” To this day, the Lawrence Home Association provides opportunities for young women.

    An eight-member board of women, appointed by the bishop, meets once a year to vote on recommendations for academic grants for minority women, scholarships for clergy daughters and funding for social-service agencies whose mission is to serve women of limited means and help them move out of conditions related to poverty, abuse, etc.

    The purpose of the Academic Grant for Minority Women program is to help finance the postsecondary education of minority women, regardless of age, who are affiliated with an Episcopal church within the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

    The association expects to make eight grants this year. All applicants for the 2019-20 grant period will be selected by April 5, 2019, and notified by May 1 about the status of their applications.

    Grant criteria

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    Download a fill-in, mail-in application

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  • Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust

    The Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust awards scholarships to minority students. Black high school graduates living in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, who have been admitted to an accredited school or program of advanced learning are eligible to apply for a grant. Priority is given to those students with the greatest economic need, as judged by the MEIT board.

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