William Cooper Procter Memorial Fund

WCPThrough a trust fund established by William Cooper Procter, the Diocese of Southern Ohio has a unique opportunity to reach out in areas of special ministry, providing “…support for innovative activities which go beyond the day to day operations of the church.” The Procter Fund earningsare allocated annually by the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese, subject to program evaluation, in four distinct areas of activity following the four criteria as determined by the terms of the bequest.

Under the terms of the bequest, annual budget and grant decisions as well as oversight of the investment of the Procter Fund are the responsibility of the Bishop and Trustees.

The Four Criteria

“The giving of relief to those in trouble and need, especially where there would be an opportunity for restoring physical, mental or spiritual well being.”
“The building up of the quality of the clergy in the Diocese by perpetuation of the plans for grants to supplement salaries in churches where there is real promise for the future.”
  3. “The development of a more widespread sense of responsibility in the parishes and missions of the Diocese for the support of the missionary work of the Church. Grants should be made on the same such basis as was used in connection with the refinancing fund given by Mr. Procter in 1933: aid is given to certain churches in time of emergency in return for an agreement pledging those churches to adequate support of the Church’s program.”
“The use of grants to take advantage of unusual opportunities for advance work in the Church’s as distinct from the regular running expenses covered by the budget. The responsibility for the maintenance of the regular work must be borne by the rank and file of its membership, but opportunity should be offered to support any experiments which would afford a chance to take a step forward. The essential unity of the Church’s work requires that there should be no geographical limitations upon these grants so long as the purposes of the fund, as described above, are expressed in the use of this income. Part of the annual income from this fund shall be used for the work of the Church outside of the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

How to Apply

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. Regular on-site visits are part of the ongoing evaluation of Procter Fund projects. The Bishop and Trustees seek to support the best possible projects linking the Diocese and its congregations to the community within the guidelines of the four criteria. The goal is to help strengthen the work of the Church by supporting innovative projects.

Project planners are encouraged to seek advice from the Procter Fund consultants in writing proposals. The completed application should be mailed to:

The William Cooper Procter Fund, Diocese of Southern Ohio
 Attn: The Bishop’s Office 
412 Sycamore Street, 
Cincinnati, OH 45202-4179
For more information, contact Ann Sabo at asabo@nulldiosohio.org or 800.582.1712.