Faith in Life Grants


Faith-­in­-Life was established in 1974 as a commission of the diocese to administer an endowment fund set up as a result of the Second Century Campaign of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. The income of the trust has funded many programs and projects through the oversight of the Faith-­in-­Life commission. Faith in Life grants funded the Hobson Lectures, various Theologians in Residence, many Kenyon Conferences, a variety of formation programs, and grants for laypeople pursuing theological education (e.g. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and nonviolent conflict resolution) with the understanding that the grant recipients would share what they learned with other congregations.


The purpose of Faith-­in-­Life is to consider major faith and/or ethical questions as they relate to Christians’ ability to live their faith day-­to-­day. To fulfill this purpose Faith-­in­-Life grants will be used to stimulate conferences, produce published materials in printed and digital form, provide expert informed leadership, and subsidize meetings on topics of faith and/or ethics in daily life.

Priority in awarding grants will be given to those conferences, published materials, leadership and meetings that have the broadest reach to members of the diocese and its geographic locale and which align with our diocesan formation objective to encourage intentional formation in communities of faith by creating, developing, and enhancing discipleship resources for people of all ages.

Who May Apply?

Any member of any congregation or community of faith of the diocese, any member of the clergy active within the diocese, and any staff person of the diocese may apply for a grant as long as it corresponds to the objectives listed above. A committee appointed by the Bishop reviews applications on a quarterly basis and makes decision on awards. No more than $2,000 is available for an individual and no more than $5,000 for a congregation or multi­-congregation endeavor.

Grant Application

An online grant application is available here. For more information please contact the Rev. Karl Stevens, committee chair.

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