Eucharistic Ministers

The Eucharistic Minister administers the consecrated elements of bread or wine in the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist.

All new licenses or renewals issued in September 2013 on will be in effect until Advent I, 2015. Questions about this program and the licensing procedure may be directed to Canon Lynn Carter-Edmands at 800.582.1712 or


Local Training

Eucharistic Ministers are trained at the parish level, by the Deacon or Priest of the congregation. After training, the rector, vicar or priest-in-charge should request that a license be issued by filling out the online application for licensed lay ministries (see link below).

Safe Church training

Safe Church education and training is available to anyone in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. A minimum standard of training is expected based on specific ministry roles.


Online application is to be completed by the clergy person in charge of the congregation or faith community.