The licensed preacher is authorized to preach in worship services upon invitation of the rector, vicar or priest-in-charge. See Canon III.4.3.

Questions about this program and the licensing procedure may be directed to the Rev. Canon Lynn Carter-Edmands at or 800.582.1712, ext. 102. Questions about the training program itself may be directed to the Rev. Stephen Smith.


Diocesan Training

The rector or priest-in-charge of a congregation, or a priest of the diocese for congregations without permanent clergy, may nominate persons for licensing as preachers. Those nominated should be active communicant members in good standing, well respected in their congregations, practice an active spiritual life and be knowledgeable and articulate about the Christian faith.

Training in preparation for a license to preach will begin this September 13, 2014. The training program is a two-year program that meets monthly at the Procter Camp & Conference Center for three hours on the second Saturday of the month (September through May). The program includes worship, Bible study, theological reflection and the practice of writing, delivering and evaluating sermons. The leaders are the Rev. Stephen Smith and the Rev. Paula Jackson.

Cost of Training

The cost of the program is $500 per year; some scholarship assistance is available.

Education for Ministry

Two years of Education for Ministry or the equivalent is a prerequisite.

Anti-Racism Training

Anti-racism training is required for all licensed preachers.

Safe Church training

Safe Church education and training is available to anyone in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. A minimum standard of training is expected based on specific ministry roles.

Diocesan Training Dates

Training begins in September 2014 and continues through May of 2016; classes are held at the Procter Center unless otherwise specified:

2014 Dates

September 13
October 11
November 8
December 13

Application for the Training

Application form (to be completed by the individual desiring preacher formation)

Nomination form (to be completed by sponsoring clergy-person)

You will need a payment form for churches paying the tuition, or for subsequent years payments:

If you have questions, contact the Rev. Canon Lynn Carter-Edmands.