Local Mission

Congregations and individuals in the Diocese of Southern Ohio are committed to mission initiatives within their communities and throughout the United States.

  • Episcopal Community Services Foundation is now Episcopal Community Ministries

    A resource for Episcopalians who are working to overcome poverty and suffering in Ohio. We are a charitable foundation headed by the Bishop of Southern Ohio and guided by a volunteer board of clergy and lay leaders.

    Learn more at https://ecmsouthernohio.org


  • Appalachian Ministry

    We are a part of a network of eighteen Episcopal dioceses serving with Appalachian people throughout Southern Ohio and the wider Appalachian region.

    Appalachians are one of the major cultural groups in Southern Ohio, with a significant presence in its cities as well as the state’s southeastern counties. Christian witness in Appalachia begins by celebrating the history, spirituality, culture and artistic values of Appalachians. Together we work to overcome the poverty, discrimination and environmental degradation that persist in the region.

    Learn more at http://www.visit-eam.org

  • Gabriel's Place

    When St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Avondale closed in 2008, Bishop Thomas Breidenthal made a commitment to continue to have a ministry presence in the Avondale community. In order for that presence to meet the needs of the community, he connected with several community organizations and listened.

    Those conversations led to the development of Gabriel’s Place, a community center created to provide a safe, beautiful and spiritually nourishing place for the Avondale neighborhood to gather in mutual respect, to learn and interact and to promote peace in the community.”

    Learn more at www.gabriels-place.org

  • Latino Ministry

    A ministry of the Diocese of Southern Ohio focusing on the needs of Spanish-speaking residents.

    Un ministerio de la Iglesia Episcopal, Diócesis del Sur de Ohio, centrándose en las necesidades de los residentes que hablan español.

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Nothing has more potential to bring people closer to God and each other than a natural disaster. But it can also drive people apart. The mission of the Church in these situations is lived through a variety of responses.


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  • Micro-Enterprise

    The Diocese of Southern Ohio has spent some time researching the feasibility of embarking on partnerships with churches in the arena of micro-enterprise.  A micro-enterprise is defined as a business having five or fewer employees and capital of no more than $35,000. The goal of the diocese in this conversation is to enliven the ministries of congregations, particularly in the Appalachian region of southern Ohio, with opportunities to engage in partnerships that help entrepreneurs begin successful and sustainable micro-enterprises.

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  • Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust

    The Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust was established so black high school graduates living in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, who have been admitted to an accredited school or program of advanced learning, are eligible to apply for a grant, designed to leverage the applicant’s available school resources and ensure the student’s ability to attend school.

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  • Feeding Ministries

    A list of feeding ministries around the diocese

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