Episcopal Community Services Foundation is now Episcopal Community Ministries

A resource for Episcopalians who are working to overcome poverty and suffering in Ohio. We are a charitable foundation headed by the Bishop of Southern Ohio and guided by a volunteer board of clergy and lay leaders.

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Latino Ministry

A ministry of the Diocese of Southern Ohio focusing on the needs of Spanish-speaking residents.

Un ministerio de la Iglesia Episcopal, Diócesis del Sur de Ohio, centrándose en las necesidades de los residentes que hablan español.

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Disaster Recovery

Nothing has more potential to bring people closer to God and each other than a natural disaster. But it can also drive people apart. The mission of the Church in these situations is lived through a variety of responses.

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Gabriel’s Place

A community center created to provide a safe, beautiful and spiritually nourishing place for the Avondale neighborhood to gather in mutual respect, to learn and interact and to promote peace in the community.

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