Proposed American Health Care Act to cost Ohio $19-26 billion in Lost Medicaid funds

The House Republican’s American Health Care Act establishes an alternative Medicaid financing plan built on per capita caps. Research conducted by Community Solutions finds that the Ohio all funds reduction, as the result of the proposed Medicaid per capita cap, would be between $19 and $25.6 billion between Fiscal Years 2019 and 2025.
Repeal of ACA Would Deepen Benefit Cliff

For some low-income families, even a small increase in income causes a drop in the public benefits they can receive, effectively increasing their expenses and hurting their ability to make ends meet – known as a “benefit cliff”. Associate Director & Williamson Family Fellow for Applied Research¬†Emily Campbell explores how a repeal of the Medicaid expansion in Ohio would make this “benefit cliff” worse, and potentially leave thousands of Ohioans trapped in poverty.
Center for Community Solutions, March 16, 2017