The Center for Community Solutions disappointed by federal Medicaid waiver approval

CLEVELAND, OH – The Center for Community Solutions’ President and Executive Director, John Corlett, has issued the following statement in response to today’s Federal Approval of Ohio’s Medicaid Waiver. Corlett is a former Medicaid Director for the State of Ohio.

“According to the State of Ohio’s own extensive, independently conducted research, Ohio’s Medicaid program enabled hundreds of thousands of Ohioans to get and stay healthy. Healthy Ohioans can keep their jobs and take care of their families without fear of choosing between their health and other necessities like food or rent,” said Corlett.

“That is why we are disappointed that the federal government approved this waiver of federal law when so many operational details are missing or incomplete. There are several steps that should be in place before the waiver goes into effect. One, the state must determine what additional costs this waiver will impose on county governments and others, and make sure that those costs are covered. Two, the state must ensure that its troubled Ohio Benefits system is capable of collecting the data necessary to administer this program as it was described in the waiver. Third, the Ohio Department of Medicaid should provide data on a monthly basis documenting the number of Medicaid beneficiaries who are employed and/or who have gotten a job. The ODM should also document those who have lost coverage for failure to comply with the new eligibility requirements. Finally the state must monitor the impact of the waiver on the economic viability of safety net hospitals, community health centers and community mental health centers that serve a large percentage of Medicaid patients. These crucial institutions will be negatively impacted by a sudden increase in uninsured patients.”

The Center for Community Solutions has written extensively on the topic of a Medicaid waiver. Read more about why transparency is needed in the waiver here and read our public comment on the waiver here.

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The Center for Community Solutions, March 15, 2019