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Formation programs cover a wide variety of topics from Bible studies to church history to social justice. For the most current calendar consult our online Order of Service announcements HERE.

Beginning after Easter a new series  “Outward and Visible Signs” will examine how our building and its furnishings reflect the “inward and spiritual grace” that is promised us through the sacraments of the church (from “An Outline of Faith”Book of Common Prayer,  page 857). These tours will visit all the spaces of Saint Mark’s campus – and provide a unique perspective of what it means to worship “in the house of God”.  Led by the Rector.


9:30 Sunday Mornings, September to June (except first Sundays)


Culture and Context


This seasonal offering takes place on Sunday afternoons or evenings, and includes the screening of films and documentaries related to timely issues across a large spectrum of subjects. Offerings have included World Religions, The Story of the Mormons, The British Monarchy at Work, Shadowlands, and the Life of C.S. Lewis.

Most recently we have looked at special original presentations: Paul’s Middle East Travel Log: “Holy Lands—Heavenly Foods”, “Children of Abraham”, and “Our Anglican Heritage” (each with ethnically appropriate foods), as well as “God in the Final Frontier: A Theology of Star Trek at 50″  (which featured an intergalactic menu).

We are currently looking ahead in 2018 and 2019 to a very special series over a decade in the making:  “Monuments in Time: A Tour of America’s Presidential Libraries – and how they influence culture and faith. This will be presented by The Rev. Dr. Paul St. Germain, featuring photographs and remembrances from his visits to each of America’s presidential libraries. Dinners will include menu favorites of the presidents. Dates to be announced.




Holy Land & Heavenly Foods

Middle East and U.K. Travel Log Series


To watch Part One: ISRAEL, click HERE.

To watch Part Two: EGYPT, JORDAN & TURKEY, click HERE.

To watch Part Three: England, click HERE.




Read the Episcopal Church’s Charter for Life-Long Christian Formation HERE.