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2020 Pledge Card and Proportional Giving Chart

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

Online Giving Options

Direct Transfer through your own bank is the most cost effective way to contribute to Saint Mark’s. There is no electronic transaction fee and the church receives 100% of your donation. For information on how to initiate this process and obtain the church’s account and routing number contact the parish treasurer HERE, or at 614 486-9452.

Credit/Debit Cards are also a convenient way for the church to receive a gift or pledge. For most major types of cards, $0.45 + 2.75% of these transactions are deducted by the bank and online services for fees and processing (3.50% for American Express). For every $100 given through this process, Saint Mark’s receives $96.80. You may want to consider adding an additional 2.75% so that Saint Mark’s receives 100% of your contribution.

PayPal is a popular way to make an online contribution or gift to the church. Saint Mark’s will receive 97% of every transaction made through PayPal—so why not add an additional 3% to your gift to help cover the online giving costs?


What Happens on Sunday Morning When the Offering Plate Is Passed?

Many people feel it is important for their contribution to be uplifted at the Altar during the Holy Eucharist on Sunday morning. Others feel that putting something in the offering plate as it is passed sets an example of good stewardship and displays their support of the parish community.

For these reasons an “Alternative Giving Card” is provided in the pew rack. If you have made an online contribution, make pledge payments electronically, monthly, or annually, you are invited to place this card in the offering plate. In this way, every person’s gift of treasure may become part of the sacramental rite being conducted before God.

See an example of the Alternative Giving Card Here.

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Amazon Smile

Saint Mark’s is partnered with Amazon Smile – and when chosen as charity of choice – receives .5% of every purchase ($100 for every $20,000 spent)  so parishioners may augment their pledged giving in support of new initiatives in ministry.

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Learn more about the Amazon Smile program and how it supports charitable giving  here.

Learn More about Giving

Watch Saint Mark’s parishioners tell their story of giving to support God’s ministry through Saint Mark’s, and how their stewardship journey has made a difference in their lives.

Why Do We Give?

Learn about the Seasons of Stewardship, and how our financial giving is an important part of our care for our community, our environment, and ourselves.

When Do We Give?

Read a Stewardship Message from the Senior and Junior Wardens of the parish Vestry, and learn about how all our gifts are currently empowering the hands and heart of God in our midst.

2018 Rector’s Letter

Planned Giving

photo8_webA message from Saint Mark’s Stewardship Committee on how estate planning can create on ongoing legacy of generosity and support of ministry at Saint Mark’s into the future.

A Legacy of Generosity


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