Jesus said, “In so much as you have done to the least of these, you have done so to me.”
Matthew 25:40

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Our Mission:

Educate - Provide Care - Raise Awareness

Saint Mark’s Outreach Committee seeks to be good stewards of the resources it has been entrusted with and will oversee expending those resources to support the community. We work to proactively identify needs and will ask for help and support from the congregation for those needs in the local area (Upper Arlington & Central Ohio), The Diocese of Southern Ohio, as well as the national and international mission field.

The Outreach Committee will educate, care for and raise awareness for programs and services that serve people who are hungry, homeless or have other needs. This education will be done through a variety of venues, including but not limited to: coffee hour presentations, flip videos and postings to Facebook.

The above goals are based on the following criteria that were established by the Saint Mark’s Outreach Committee approximately five years ago to help guide the efforts of the Outreach Committee: Give priority to those things that parishioners are involved in (“feet on the ground”); and support faith-based (when possible, Episcopalian) initiatives.

Every member of Saint Mark’s is encouraged to be the hands and heart of Christ reaching out into our world. Here are just a few of the ways we educate, provide care, and raise awareness.


Episcopal Relief and Development

The Episcopal Relief and Development Agency (ERDA) is present around the world and here at home on our behalf whenever there is disaster and upheaval. One of the largest faith-based providers of humanitarian assistance in the world, ERDA is also consistently ranked as among the most cost effective charities in the country.


Contributions can always be put in the collection plate on Sunday. Please mark:  “for E.R.D.A.”  An online donation to the ministry of The Episcopal Relief and Development Agency through Saint Mark’s may be made HERE.


To lean more about the many ministries of The Episcopal Relief and Development Agency and where they are currently responding to the greatest need click HERE.

Being the Hands of Christ:

Here at Home

kitchen1We don’t have to travel out of our community to find those in need of life’s most basic necessities. Saint Mark’s provides weekly hands-on help working with Saint John’s Town Street to feed the homeless of central Columbus as well as their “Street Church” ministry each Sunday afternoon.

Numerous other meals are regularly prepared to support both Open Shelter and Catch Court.

We also provide workers and funding each year to Habitat for Humanity, hold a Cookie Walk, and sponsor the “Help Heal Hunger” Bake Sale during Northam Park’s “Labor Neighbor Day” Festival.

Saint Mark’s Outreach Committee also sponsors numerous annual fundraisers which collect everything from warm clothing to school supplies, supporting programs such as “Respite Care”, the Homeless Families Foundation, My Brother’s Closet (of the Columbus Urban League) and Kairos Prison Ministry.


To make an online donation to the work of Saint Mark’s Outreach Committee please click HERE.

Located in the Front Vestibule there is an ongoing collection station for the  NNEMAP Food Pantry (formerly “Near North-side Emergency Material Assistance Program”), which collects everything from non-perishable food items to basic grooming kits. NNEMAP has recently moved from High Street to 12th Avenue near the fairgrounds since the video on this page was produced, but its essential mission and services remains the same.


To learn more about NNEMAP click here.

The Outreach Committee gives numerous grants in support of ministries such as Episcopal Community Services Foundation (ECSF), and for parishioners to work in areas of special need.


An online contribution to ECSF through Saint Mark’s may be made HERE.


To learn more about Episcopal Community Services Fundation (ECSF) click here.

Saint Mark’s has also supplied dozens of reconditioned computers over the last decade to help support the operations of such ministries as The Open Shelter and Women in Need.

Members of the parish, as well as their families and friends, are encouraged to reach out from their hearts—letting their hands help bring the peace and justice of God’s kingdom into our world.


Episcopal Migration Ministries

Episcopal Migration Ministries networks across the country to help with the re-settlement of individuals and families moving to the United States. For more information on national networks and ministries click HERE.

For information on Episcopal Migration Ministry in Columbus or to learn about volunteering locally click HERE.


CATCH Court is the Franklin County specialty court that provides alternative two year probation to prostitutes (usually trafficked at an early age). Saint Mark’s has been providing breakfast or lunch to the participants about once a month for the past year. The opportunity to accept and interact with the women is a gift, and the chance to see Justice served is inspiring.
• Imagine being required to face all your addictions at one time: alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, parental issues.
• Imagine never knowing or experiencing unconditional love.
• Imagine not knowing there are safe people and places in this world. Instead, always looking behind your back.
• Imagine dealing with pain and fear 24/7.
• Imagine losing one friend from an overdose, while another is in the hospital simultaneously, knowing it could have been you.
• Imagine having a child you can’t care for at this time.
• Imagine never experiencing an authentic relationship or conversation.
• Imagine not ever knowing a father and mother’s approval.
• Imagine misplacing or not understanding the terms surrender and compliance.
• Imagine that the first time you ever heard the words, “I’m proud of you. “You are awesome.” “You are beautiful” –from someone credible–is in a court room, with your hands shackled. Some of God’s humblest people are in that Courtroom.

If you would like to learn more about serving the women of CATCH Court contact the parish office for the number of our congregational coordinator. www.catchcourt.org

Being the Hands of Christ:

Around the World


Saint Mark’s Friends of La Labor was founded in 2008 after the parish’s first humanitarian trip to the town of La Labor, Guatemala, and surrounding communities.

Hosted by the “Proyecto de Salud Sangre de Cristo” (Sisters of the Precious Blood – a Roman Catholic convent) which operates six clinics and a school outside of Guatemala City, we support the enormous difference being made in the lives of some our hemisphere’s most materially poor. We travel each summer, and throughout the year take collections, offer events, and accept support. While in La Labor, travelers often build a United Nation’s Health Organization’s “Alpha Composting Latrine”, participate in reforestation and conservation efforts, staff health fairs in the surrounding schools, and help student develop English skills at the Maria De Mattias Institute (grades 1 to 12).

The Outreach Committee can also arrange for parishioners to sponsor a student in the Institute in La Labor for the period of one year (including school uniform and daily lunch) for $350.


To provide a scholarship for a child – or support the health care project in La Labor and surrounding towns – please click HERE.


See more videos from Saint Mark’s 10 service trips to Guatemala on YouTube HERE.

Visit the Health Care Ministries of “Proyecto de Salud Sangre de Cristo” on Facebook HERE.


Hands and Hearts at Work

Youtube Videos from the Saint Mark's Guatemala Trips

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“Let the little children come to me…  for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”
Mark 10:1