Transition ministry

Transition office in the Diocese of Southern Ohio

The Rev. Canon Jason Leo, Canon for Transitions and Congregational Vitality

Sherri Martin, Assistant Transitions Officer

Opportunities in the Diocese of Southern Ohio are posted below. To apply for any of these positions, please use this application form: We ask that you not contact the congregations or communities directly.

Congregations searching for full-time clergy

updated 09/06/19

  • Christ Church, Dayton

    Christ Church, Dayton


    OTM: OTM Profile_Christ Dayton

    **no longer receiving names**

  • St. John's, Columbus

    St. John's, Columbus

    St. John’s Town Street, located in Columbus, Ohio, is an energetic parish with faithful and dedicated congregants.  We come from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds as well as from across the Columbus area.  We have a rich history of connection to the Fanklinton neighborhood which is currently undergoing great transformation.

    We have an active tradition of service and outreach and are seeking a Priest-In-Charge, 30 hours/week, to lead us in this next chapter for our church.  This is an empowering position which will guide us in our efforts to live a Christ-centered life, encourage lay leadership, liturgical tradition and foster growth and development of our congregation.

    For more information regarding our congregation, please visit our website at

Congregations searching for part-time clergy

updated 08/06/19

  • Northern Miami Valley Episcopal Cluster

    The Northern Miami Valley Episcopal Cluster in Champaign County, Ohio seeks a half- to three-quarter time priest-in-charge for two active yet historical congregations. Our churches have worked together for two decades. Each congregation retains its individuality while sharing a priest, finances and similar outreach missions. Each congregation focuses on working with and giving back to our local communities to meet current needs. Situated between Columbus and Dayton, with Cincinnati just a bit farther south, our communities consist of rural backgrounds with quaint villages that offer excellent schools, restaurants and numerous nearby opportunities for social and cultural development.

    The Cluster seeks a collaborative leader who can not only guide our members through worship and spiritual growth, offering a thoughtful leadership, but who can also be an important and active part of our communities. Our priest should attend both congregational and Cluster functions as well as engage with other clergy in the county. We desire a priest who aims to listen as well as teach and who is excited to help us grow our presence in our communities, and welcome potential new members.

    The Cluster offers two services each Sunday morning as well as occasional joint services. We have an average total Sunday attendance of about 45 and operate on a joint budget. Please find further information at

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