The work of the diocese is carried out by the many volunteers (lay people and clergy) who dedicate their time to serving on a variety of commissions. More than 30 commissions contribute to the ministry of the diocese.

The chair of each committee or commission is responsible for filing an annual report of that group for inclusion in the annual convention journal. Click here to file a report for 2019.

Canonical commissions

Commission Name


(Updated 2/19/20)

Budget Committee

Harold Patrick, chair
The Rev. Mitchell Bojarski
Patrick Hreachmack
Kathy Mank
Cheryl Lyman
The Rev. David Getreu
Vicki Davidson
Robert Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer
Carine deLange, staff liaison

Commission on Congregational Life

The Rev. Kevin Beesley, co-chair
Katrina Mundy
The Rev. Mary Carson
Ann Shuff
The Rev. David Getreu
The Rev. Emmanuel Tuyishime
Michael Tigner
The Rev. Elizabeth Hoster
The Rev. Seth Wymer
The Rev. Canon Jason Leo, staff liaison

Commission on Ministry

Spencer Pugh, Chair
Lindsay Monihen
The Rev Meribah Mansfield
Mike Kennedy
The Rev. Philip College
The Rev. Phyllis Speigel
Ann Shuff
Dionne Clifton
Hugo Oliaz
The Rev. Jason Prati
The Rev. Rick Incorvati
The Rev. William Scrivener
The Rev. Allison English
The Rev. Tom Fehr
The Rev. Paul Scanlan
Emily Joyce
Sherri Martin, staff support
The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison
The Rev. Stephen Cuff, Chaplain to seminarians
The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, ex officio

Convention: Agenda and Dispatch of Business

Nadya W. Richardson, chair

Convention: Constitution and Canons

Joseph J. Dehner, Esq., Chair

Convention: Credentials

Sonja Bronson, Chair

Convention: Nominations

Jon Boss, Chair

Convention: Resolutions

Jim Heathcote, Chair

Diocesan Council

The Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal, President
1st Vice President: David Thomson
2nd Vice President: The Rev. Sallie Schisler
Kathy Jose
Clifton Flemister
Barry Fiest
Joshua Sherwood
David Thomson
Megan Western
The Rev. Joanna Leiserson
Melissa Shirley
The Rev. Bill Bales
Bill Ubbes
Harold Patrick
The Rev. Mitchell Bojarski
Lissa Barker
Partick Hreachmack
Chad Williams
Jon Boss, President of Trustees, ex officio
Robert C. Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer, ex officio
The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison

Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Smith, President
The Rev. Dick Schisler, Title IV Intake Officer
Lissa Barker
Michael Wayne
The Rev. Heather Wiseman
The Rev. Kevin Beesley
Don Lane
The Rev. Mary Carson
The Rev. Philip DeVaul
John Harris
The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison

Finance Committee

Nadya Richardson, Chair
Bill Forbes
Carolyn Wilmesherr
Dot Yeager
Doug Langenfeld
Ernest Thompson
Jeff Baldrige
John Harris
Randy Young
Rob Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer
Carine de Lange, staff liaison

Standing Committee

The Rev. Ellen Cook, President
Larry Hayes, Vice Chair
The Rev Philip DeVaul, Secretary
Cathy Bagot
The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn
James Allsop
The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal
The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison
Ann Sabo, Bishop’s assistant

Trustees/Directors of the Church Foundation

The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson, chair
David McKenney
Richard Warren
John Gustafson
The Rev. Canon Sallie Schisler
Robert C. Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer

Trustees of the Diocese

Jon Boss, president
Emily Savor
The Rev. David Pfaff
Mike Krug
The Rev. George Glaizer
Carine de Lange, staff liaison
Joseph J. Dehner, Esq., Chancellor

Non-canonical commissions

412 Sycamore, Inc. Trustees/Directors

John Harris, Chair
Daniel Morton
Steven Elliott
Joseph J. Dehner, Esq., Chancellor
Robert C. Kranz, Diocesan Treasurer

Advisory Committee on Compensation & Resources

The Rev. Darren Elin, chair
Jon Boss
Amy Boyd
The Rev. David Pfaff
Katrina Mundy
David Thomson
Robert C. Turley
The Rev. David Kendall-Sperry
Angela Byrd, staff liaison, benefits coordinator
The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison, Canon to the Ordinary
Carine de Lange, staff liaison, Operations Executive

Becoming Beloved Community Task Force

Cherie Bridges Patrick, Co-convener
The Rev. Meribah Mansfield, Co-convener

Campus Ministry Collaborative

The Rev. Deborah Woolsey, Convener
The Rev. Jared Talbot
The Rev. Sara Palmer
The Rev. Alice Connor
Ellen O’Shaughnessy
Sara Tobe
Erin Rasche

Deacons Council

The Rev. Marshall Wiseman, convener

Ecumenical & Interreligious Relations

The Rev. Melanie Slane, chair

Episcopal Church Women

Kathy Mank, President
Milicent Eason, United Thank Offering coordinator
Amy Baird, Book of Remembrance Coordinator
Sister Jacqueline Marie, Convent representative
Nancy Schwartz, communications chair
Amy Boyd
Irene Radcliff, Church Periodical Club coordinator
Deborah Allsop, Vice President
Madeleine Trichel, Church Periodical Club/Mile of Pennies
The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, ex officio

Episcopal Community Ministries

Carine DeLange, Bishop’s staff liaison
Andrea Owens, staff support
Judy Battle
The Rev. Ellen Cook
The Rev. Allison English
Rae Fellow
Don Lane
The Rev. Joanna Leisserson
Jim Murray
Jane Paraveskepoulos
The Rev. Deborah Woolsey

Episcopal Relief and Development

Toks Ogungbadero, coordinator
Jon Boss
Christine Williams
David Boop

Faith in Life

The Rev. Karl Stevens
The Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat
Elizabeth Thompson
The Rev. Rick Incorvati
Doug Pittsenbarger

Latino Ministries

The Rev. Maggie Foote

Liturgy & Music

Marsha Reilly, Co-chair
The Rev. Cal Lane, Co-chair
The Rev. Marjorie Menaul
The Rev. Canon John Johanssen, staff liaison
Stephan Casurella
Phil Clary
The Rev. Ed Payne
Kevin Wines
Marti Rideout
Jennifer Bell
The Rev. Jason Prati
Patrick Bachmann
The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, ex officio

Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust

Milicent Eason, Chair
Cynthia Kilby
Cynthia Turner
Deborah Allsop
Diane Ebbs
Frank Jackson
George White
The Rev. Ben Speare-Hardy
The Rev. Charles Wilson

Ohio Council of Churches

The Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal, Bishop

Professional Development

The Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat, staff liaison

Racism Training Task Force

Debby Stokes, coordinator

Social Justice & Episcopal Public Policy

The Rev. Deniray Mueller, convener
The Rev. Dick Burnett
The Rev. Paula Jackson
The Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat, staff liaison