As the diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal is the ecclesial authority of the diocese. He also is the spiritual leader and oversees the staff and finances.

Standing Committee, Convention, Diocesan Council

The Standing Committee is the bishop’s council of advice and the ecclesiastical authority in the absence of the bishops. It also shares responsibility for the ordination process, and is consulted for consent for the election and consecration of new bishops in the church.

The annual Diocesan Convention has the authority to pass resolutions, adopt a budget, approve canonical or constitutional changes and elect new leaders.

Diocesan Council is the convention-between-convention, meaning they make decisions about the budget, oversee implementation of resolutions and help govern the diocese between the annual meetings.

Constitution and Canons

The Canons and Constitution of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Southern Ohio serve as guidelines for ministry, conduct and work. On the national level, only General Convention, comprised of lay and clergy deputies and bishops, may change the canons or Constitution. At the local level, the Diocesan convention with its lay and clergy delegates must approve any changes. The Rules of Order guide the structure of convention.