• ECW Book of Remembrance Memorial Scholarship Fund

    The Book of Remembrance Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for lay and ordained women of the diocese to do graduate study in areas related to church work, special ministries, and helping professions. Funds are also available for short-term non-degree training in workshops, special seminars and skills training, in church related or social service fields.

    The Book of Remembrance, started in 1926 by women of the diocese, is a listing by parish of deceased women whose congregations want to honor their memory. The request for entry of a name can be submitted by a congregation, ECW or individual, along with a donation of at least $15. Donations are added to a trust fund which provides the scholarships.

    Every parish benefits from the work of women who serve God and church without thought of reward. We hope that your congregation or ECW will support the Book of Remembrance Memorial Scholarship Fund and honor the memory of cherished deceased women of your congregation by submitting their names for inclusion in the Book of Remembrance. The names of women added to the Book by August 31 are read during the celebration of the Eucharist at the annual ECW conference held each Fall, at which time the Book is placed on display.

    Checks should be payable to Book of Remembrance. Scholarship applications should be requested in time to submit them by March 1. Applications for assistance for short-term training can be submitted at any time.

    To get a scholarship application or to submit a name for the Book of Remembrance, please contact:

    Amy Baird
    2904 Flemming Rd., Middletown OH 45042

  • Lawrence Home Association Academic Grant for Minority Women

    The Lawrence Home Association was founded in 1896 under the will of Eleanor Earnshaw. The purpose was to “provide a Christian home for self-supporting, young women on limited means, the most important aim being to help them elevate their standard of life.” The funds were to be supervised by the Episcopal Bishop of Southern Ohio and a board of directors. With additional funding from William A. Procter, the trustees have determined that the distribution of the entire incomes will be in support of “the temporal, moral and religious welfare of young women who are dependent upon their own exertions.” The purpose of the scholarship program is to provide some assistance to minority women who are affiliated with an Episcopal church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio and seek to further their education.

    The deadline to apply for a 2018-19 grant is March 16, 2018.

    Grant criteria

    Download a mail-in application

    Apply online

  • Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust

    The Minority Empowerment Initiative Trust awards scholarships to minority students. Black high school graduates living in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, who have been admitted to an accredited school or program of advanced learning are eligible to apply for a grant. Priority is given to those students with the greatest economic need, as judged by the MEIT board.

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